Park's Rules and Regulations

1. No person shall drive any motorized vehicle in any Park areas, with the exception of vehicles designed for silvan-pastoral activities, mountain rescue, and to supply the mountain rifugi. The same provision applies to low altitude flying, aircraft landing, and heliski practises.

2. Camping either in tents or campers is not allowed. In the valley, in the area before the Park there are camper and camping sites available, while at higher altitudes, bivouacs and mountain rifugi can accommodate visitors for the night.

3. No person is allowed to light open fires; a slight distraction may destroy a heritage of century old forests.

4. It is forbidden to collect or damage any plants or mushrooms, including non edible ones. It is also forbidden to collect fossils and minerals, demolish the rock, and collect war remains.

5. Don't destroy minor flora and don't damage the animals' brooding, nesting , or feeding sites.

6. Collect all your trash and carry it away. Don't leave any traces of your stop.

7. Dogs must be on a leash. Unleashed dogs may disturb or harm the Park animals.

8. Don't ride a mountainbike on Park trails, they are designated for hikers. The map highlights cycling routes in blue.

9. Don't damage signs and facilities. They are designated for informative and recreational purposes.

The Park rangers will survey any violation to the provisions of the Park Rules and Regulations and impose the relative sanctions.